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Physical Address:
106 East Williams Street, Abbeville, Alabama 36310 
Mailing Address:
101 Court Square, Suite G 
Abbeville, Alabama 36310 
Phone Number:
(334) 585-3293


Video Visitation 
Sunday-Saturday 9AM-9PM
NCIC - Inmate Phone, Messaging & Video Visits

Jail Rules for Visitation

Must have a current State ID
No sitting on tables

No Food or Drinks

No Cell Phones

No Cameras

No Purses

No Smoking 

No profanity

All children must be attended

Only two in the visitation room at a time

No short shorts, Miniskirts, tank tops or tube tops

Correctional Officers can and will refuse visitation for any of the rules above or for anything they perceive as inappropriate or unacceptable!

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